Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this will answer some of your questions and concerns about wigs.

You can watch the video or if you prefer to read, scroll down a bit.


If you are purchasing a wig because of hair loss, regardless of the reason (chemo, thinning, alopecia,)some private health plans will cover a portion or all of your wig. BUT, even if you do not have a plan, ask your doctor to give you a prescription for a wig (hair prosthesis). You can claim in on your income taxes as a medical expense. We know how difficult it is if you are buying a wig because of chemo treatments or hair loss/thinning for other reasons, but want you to know that times have changed and many ladies are wearing wigs now for convenience. Wigs can be to our advantage because of our busy lifestyles.
  1. Are wigs hot?
    Wigs are not too hot to wear. Technology has greatly improved today’s construction. They are not heavy and are bearable. Many ladies wear wigs all the time.
  2. Can I wash it?
    Yes, it is very simple to wash your wig. When you purchase a wig, we will explain how to care for it and we do carry the care products and styling products you will need to keep it looking beautiful.
  3. I have been losing my hair, will wearing a wig cause it to get worse?
    NO, you hair loss is from within. We have even checked with a doctor and the answer is that a wig would not cause hair loss. </li?
  4. Are wigs comfortable?
    After a couple of times, you will forget you have it on. It is the same as clothing, you just don’t think about it.
  5. Someone told me their wig fell off, that scares me. Will it fall off?
    If a wig falls off, that means the wig is too big. Wigs have to be fitted. We are experts and can do the necessary alterations. Ordering online will not give you this kind of service.
  6. Do all wigs look fake?
    No, as a matter of fact, most wigs look so natural, you can not tell it’s a wig. Sometimes we can spot the bad ones, the same way a bad toupee is easy to spot. But, there are a lot of good wigs and toupees out there, we just can’t tell!
  7. Do I have to shave my head to wear a wig?
    No. Hair is piled up in a wig cap. Even ladies with long hair can wear short wigs.
  8. I don’t need a wig and feel guilty for wanting one. Is it ok for me to get a wig?
    Yes, many ladies are getting wigs now for all kinds of reasons. Not just because of hair loss. Wigs have become part of lifestyle. Quick & convenient! Trips! Bad hair days! Date night! Style change! Heck, you don’t even need a reason!
  9. Are wigs expensive?
    Sometimes, you may think a wig is expensive because you are putting out a chunk of money at one time, but think about what most women spend at hairdressers every month and the answer would be NO, wigs are not expensive. You can easily buy a few wigs with the money you would spend at a salon. Our “tulip” line starts at $44.44& goes up to $199.99. Our higher quality wigs are from $199.99 to $2222.22.
  10. Is financing available?
    Although we are not a bank, we will help anyone who needs a wig because of hair loss. Monthly payments with no interest can be arranged.
  11. I am not good with placing my own hair, are they difficult to style?
    NO, synthetic wigs are very easy. The fibers are pre-styled. Most styles just require a little brushing or placing with your fingers. They are all WASH & WEAR. It will go back to its style with little or no fussing at all! You will love how easy it is!
  12. What is better? Human or Synthetic?
    It really depends on the reason you are getting a wig. Synthetic wigs require less time for styling. But if you want to straighten your hair one day and maybe curl it the next, a human hair wig would be the best choice for you.
  13. Why would I need a wig? I have my own hair!
    You many not need a wig, but every woman should have a wig! Think back to a bad hair day or a time when you had to run out for something and your hair was not done? After getting a wig, you will wonder how you managed without it!
  14. I heard I should not cook when I have my wig on, is this true?
    With a synthetic wig on, you have to avoid extreme heat. Opening up a hot oven, barbequing, putting a log on the fire. Any extreme source of heat that would cause you to back away is too hot for your wig. It will not go up in flames, but you will singe the ends. If this happens, it may be repairable. Bring it in to your experts and we can have a look at it for you.